Perception    &    interpretation    is    an    modular    sound    workshop,    open    to    all    the    people;    for    one    after   noon   or   more. 
I    induce     the    people     in    games     situations,     who    work    our    cognitives     biais,    in    differents     level     of     each    actors.
These     share     moments     are     punctuated     by    exchange     and     getting     to    know     others.     I    ask    to    the   people   to   have  attended  at   my  performance  on   the   day(s)   before.  
It   is   the   first   stage   of   the   path   or   for   a   few   hours   we   meet.
13-14/10/2011 Metz at Fragment/Frac Lorraine, 20-21/09/2012 Berlin at TheaterBerendnis/City Contact, 22-23/04/2016 Torun at Kulturhauz, 27-28/12/2016 Athenes at Tiltrecordings, 14-15/01/2017 Novi Sad at CK13, 03-04/05/2017 Brno at Mosilana Hub,
03-04/06/2017 Tartu at Ülikooli Muuseum.